Hormonal Diseases

Endocrine diseases are caused by imbalances of hormones and are often diagnosed because of changes that we see in the skin. These diseases are very rewarding to treat as treating these dogs not only eliminates the skin problems that caused the owner to bring the dog to us, but also results in the pets leading longer, better quality lives!

Cushing’s disease is very common in certain breeds of older dogs and often results in hair loss over the trunk.

Even spayed dogs can suffer from sex hormone imbalances caused by their adrenal glands functioning abnormally.

Recurrent bacterial skin infections can be a sign of an endocrine imbalance. Sampson has skin infections and abnormal calcium deposits in his skin, calcinosis cutis, from taking steroids for rheumatoid arthritis.

Low thyroids can cause both weight gain and hair loss as Bubba can attest.

Pomeranians have some unusual endocrine problems that can cause them to lose their beautiful coats.