Infectious Diseases

There are many infections disease that affect the skin. These include bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases. It is crucial that we identify your pet's specific infection so we can treat it efficiently.

This is a deep bacterial infection or pyoderma, which was caused by an allergy to fleas.

Cats are more likely than other pets to have skin disease caused by viral infections. This kitty has lesions from feline herpes.

Buff’s deep skin infection was caused by a disease called puppy strangles.

This great Dane has warts caused by a papilloma virus.

Ringworm is actually a fungus. It can be spread not only among our pets but sometimes to their people as well.

This dog has a deep fungal infection from blastomycosis. If not treated aggressively, affected pets will die. The stitches in his nose are from the biopsies that lead to this diagnosis.

Demodex is a mite that all animals have in limited numbers. Some young dogs like Nano are not able to control their mites and the results can be rather dramatic. This is one of the forms of mange.

Ali has the other form of mange, scabies. This is a horribly itchy disease but completely treatable.