Pet Stories

In 2008, Sam developed severe skin allergies that went undiagnosed with numerous other veterinarians.  His coat became oily and foul smelling, his skin was inflamed and swollen, and he began to lose patches of hair due to the incessant scratching.  He was miserable and I was heartbroken to see my K-9 partner suffer.

I was referred to Dr. Jean Greek, a dermatology and allergy specialist.  After an extensive testing procedure, Dr. Greek identified a dozen things that Sam is allergic to, many of which he comes in direct contact with every day at work and home.  Sam immediately began a series of antigens which were created specifically for his needs.

Within a few weeks, Sam was on his way to becoming a new dog!  Today, Sam's coat is shiny and healthy.  In addition to his healthy appearance, Sam's energy level skyrocketed since he no longer spends all his time scratching at himself.  Thank you, Dr. Greek! 

Officer Shawn Sholtis
Glendale Police Department
K-9 Unit / Canine Sam

Lillie's allergies were so extreme that they threatened her life. I can't thank you enough for discovering the cause and determining the lifesaving antigens that now prevent her from further reactions to environmental allergens that cannot be avoided.

Now four years later, Lillie is a therapy dog, spending much of her time effecting change in the lives of humans. Even though Lillie's life is worth enough on her own, I love that she is also able to touch the lives of others because you were able to solve her allergies so that her life can breathe freely and live a long life.

Karen Perkins
Care4Paws, Advisory Board, Education Coordinator
Murpheee, Lillie and Jellie Beanz Mom, the most important role of all.

Our horse Fad suddenly and unexpectedly began suffering from horrible hives, as well as open lesions all over his body that began weeping yellow serum.

After a year of suffering and several visits to veterinarians who were unable to successfully treat Fad's hives, it seemed the only solution was drastic steroid therapy with long term health threatening side effects.

We were so happy to have found Dr. Jean Greek! Due to her persistence and professional thoroughness, Dr. Greek solved his issues and put Fad on the road to recovery.  With the use of antigen and antihistamine therapy, we are thrilled to have our beautiful boy back to his happy, active self! Thank you Dr. Greek!

Kim Christlieb and Lynn Laborde
Tehachapi, California

Dr. Greek is the best!!! My 12 year old Golden Retriever (Katie) first saw Dr. Greek at age one. Since then, we have kept her allergies under total control for the past eleven years. No itching, scratching or infected ears. Everyone (and I really do mean everyone) that has dermatology & allergy pet related needs, I tell them to call Dr. Greek.

Lenny Jones
San Luis Obispo, CA